Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Dynasty Paintball Team

Red Dynasty Paintball Park is forming a house team for local and regional tournament. This team will be sponsored with paintballs to train and registration fee to enter tournaments.

"If you are keen to be part of a sponsored team playing under the name of Red Dynasty, WE WANT YOU!

Red Dynasty is forming a Division 4 house team to play in local and overseas tournament. This team will be sponsored by Red Dynasty Paintball Park with paintballs and registration fee to enter overseas and local tournament.

If you are between the age of 16 - 30, able to travel overseas for tournaments, have a good attitude towards promoting paintball in Singapore, do approach us for more details. There could be a selection process if there are overwhelming results, individuals who have had bad experiences with Red Dynasty need not apply as it is difficult for us to give away such a good deal to you.

We are looking for players who have had experiences playing tournament paintball, e.g. SPNS, MPOC, MY-NPL, etc.

Newbies with extreme desire to be in the team may be considered.

Terms and conditions apply. Only 7 seats."

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