Friday, January 18, 2008

The Paintball Family!

Just came back from JB. Was invited to a JB paintball gathering where all the JB paintballers and JB teams get together for a good night out, with food of course. A bonded community I must say and of course with a sight of envy, I hope this can be a scene for Singapore in the near future. Was telling Jane that we should do something similar... Maybe the 3rd Friday of every month, BBQ session for like minded people at Red Dynasty, food, watch paintball DVDs, talk about paintball, networking. And to top it off, a 10% discount off all merchandise that we are selling at Red Dynasty. Wait...who's paying for the food? Hmmmm...

Learn something new today...SUP'TONG! Sup'Air bunkers filled with "tongs". Yes, "tongs" not thongs! I know what you are thinking Arthur! Small Ben too...Its basically a patented invention by Aji Amin, plastic barrel with Sup'Air look aliked covers. Certainly a session of brainstorming.

Meet Azlan today, a fine young chap who introduced us to his field. Sounds exciting enough to try out one day.