Monday, January 21, 2008

MPOC 2008 for Red Sevens

Mixed feelings. But one thing for sure, we can only do better.

Our last event was WCA 2007, never really enjoyed myself. Eliminated on the 1st day, aching back, cancelled referee clinic and bad attitude. Full loads of shit! and unfair treatment. DAMN!

Brand new year, brand new career, new job, new environment, new friends, new life, new captain, hey...everything is new! Lost something...and gain a lot more. TIME? I am not so sure but surely looking forward to change money for time. $4000+ per month gone! Loads of paintball shit, CERTAINLY! Haiz...

Ryan Stoll show us lights into 2008. New he might be...young he may seem. This young fine gentleman is going to make waves into MPOC. Let's hope he wants to play for us. MPOC Leg 1 here we come.

Training starts in Singapore's Biggest Paintball Park - RED DYNASTY!