Saturday, December 13, 2008

Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament (APIT) 2008

From left to right: Arthur Chang, Fonjen, Elle, Calgar, Pony, Arthur Chan and King

Our arsenal which include DM7, M7, Mini Invert and Shocker.

Opening ceremony of APIT 2008

Tournament Field, 47 bunkers, right smack in the middle of highrise flats

Red Sevens with Team Ku during the training session

Head Referee for the Millenium, Ulrich giving his pointers to the Taiwanese referees

Main stage of Asian Paintball Invitational Tournament (APIT)

Elle with APIT poster

Combined gears from Red Sevens and Ku from Japan

Seburo and Calgar shopping in Dye Asia warehouse

Red Sevens in Dye Asia