Saturday, July 17, 2010

Are we NOOBS or are we NOOBS?

8 teams have signed up for the Noob Wars on 1st August 2010 organized by Red Dynasty Paintball Park. This is the 2nd series of the rookie game which provides a platform for beginners of the sport to play against teams of their own rightful standards. Since joining the RD Rookie Challenge, participating teams such as Black Aces 2, Heartbreakers and Raving Lunatics are breaking into the international scene venturing for more blood tasty competition such as the Sultan Kedah Cup and the MPOC series. The aim of the Rookie Challenge remains to be growing the paintball community in Singapore and allowing everyone a chance to participate in a organized tournament scenario. For Noob Wars, we have the following teams who have confirmed their registration:

1) The Outlaws
2) Ballistics
3) Team eXplicit
4) Se7en3zero
5) Hitman Inc
6) Dark Militia
7) Troop53
8) Team Generation Kill

May the best team wins!

We are not ready...

Well... just like to comment on this "We are not ready" statement. A few years ago when we were introducing speedball and encouraging people to play paintball, often than not, we always hear this phrase: "We are not ready". I mean when are we really ready?

Received an email a few days ago from someone who is new to the game and telling me how hook he is after playing paintball and wanting to join a paintball team and even considering the option of starting his own paintball team. He mentioned that he knew of a paintball event in October (pretty obvious he was talking about the SPS) and how much he wanted to take part but ended up saying perhaps "We are not ready". The question is are we always ready for anything? Teams are always asking themselves... are we ready? The answer is... you are ready if you have:

1) Played a few paintball games. Doesn't matter if it is woodsball or speedball... its still the same. The only major difference is understanding the rules and regulations.

2) A group of enthusiastic friends who are keen to pursue the game.

3) Open minded about learning. Embrace the learning...

In 2008, I made a grave mistake when I commented about Singapore teams being not ready for the bigger stage i.e World Cup Asia 2008. I think those comments were selfish, ignorant and indeed not welcoming. I want to apologize to any Singapore teams who might feel affected with my snobbish comments. My reasons being: due to our lack of resources, lack of training time and lack of tournament experiences, teams should not go to World Cup Asia just for a mere representation as teams are going there to win! In 2009, there were 7 Singapore teams who went for the event and one team even went on the podium. And so... my concerns were unnecessary. This year... I am rallying for more Singapore teams to go and play in World Cup Asia 2010! My target is to rally 15 Singapore teams to the World Cup! And I believe we do have the numbers! If indeed this wish comes true... we will be the next last contingent other than the host country, Malaysia to have the most number of teams playing in the World Cup Asia.

I did mentioned that Singapore teams will do well in Division 4 games and I still stand by this comment. I am also encouraging Singapore teams to venture into the higher divisions and give it a go! If you have never try, you will never know... So yeah... to hell with "We are not ready"... WE ARE!