Saturday, July 17, 2010

Are we NOOBS or are we NOOBS?

8 teams have signed up for the Noob Wars on 1st August 2010 organized by Red Dynasty Paintball Park. This is the 2nd series of the rookie game which provides a platform for beginners of the sport to play against teams of their own rightful standards. Since joining the RD Rookie Challenge, participating teams such as Black Aces 2, Heartbreakers and Raving Lunatics are breaking into the international scene venturing for more blood tasty competition such as the Sultan Kedah Cup and the MPOC series. The aim of the Rookie Challenge remains to be growing the paintball community in Singapore and allowing everyone a chance to participate in a organized tournament scenario. For Noob Wars, we have the following teams who have confirmed their registration:

1) The Outlaws
2) Ballistics
3) Team eXplicit
4) Se7en3zero
5) Hitman Inc
6) Dark Militia
7) Troop53
8) Team Generation Kill

May the best team wins!

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