Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good read for the Singapore paintball community

Thought I post this article on the blog since this has a significant influence to to how paintball as a sport is being developed regionally and thus affecting paintball in Singapore. In summary, it is a case of a new paintball league being formed known as the "Millennium Series Asia". A statement by the new league was released but later retracted due to what many seen as a case of unauthorized use of name and logo of the Millennium Series. Happy reading... it is always good to keep politics away from paintball and just focus on enjoying the game but this article is too good to ignore.

05:00PM 24th MAY 2010


The Paintball Asia League Series, as partner of the Millennium Series Europe since 2004 when we first started, would like to clarify that the recent press release from the so-called “Millennium Series Asia” is not factual, but based on the vivid imagination of a few individuals.

We have sought clarification with Millennium Series Europe and have been informed that no such agreement exists, and we on our part have not been notified of such a move. To our knowledge, the Millennium Series name and logo has been used without prior authorization and they have been requested to deactivate the website and to remove all references to the Millennium Series Europe by the Millennium board.

The press release by these parties should be deemed misleading, with an agenda that is detrimental to the great growth of paintball now enjoyed in the region. PALS remains a firm partner of the Millennium Series Europe in promotion of sports within the region and will remain so in the future.

We shall be seeking clarification in the proper manner from the parties responsible for the announcement before deciding on the next course of action.

For clarification and more information regarding this matter, you may contact Mr. Laurent Hamet of the Millennium Board at lh@millennium-series.com or board@millennium-series.com

For more information regarding this matter in relation to the Paintball Asia League Series, please contact Mr. Paul WY Lam at paul@palseries.org or info@palseries.org

Founder & Director
Paintball Asia League Series