Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lucky Sevens for Singapore teams!

"Prestige" is the word use to describe the Kedah Sultan Cup 2010. Supported by the Sultan of Kedah, this tournament saw a total of 35 teams participating in 2 divisions: Open and Novice. There were 6 teams from Singapore and they are: 1) Red Sevens, Contract Killers and Zoo 2) Dark Militia, Heart Breakers and Rampage Onslaught who played in the Open and Novice Division respectively. Being the Open Division, there were 15 participating Division 1, 2 and 3 teams, all competing for the top honours. After the qualification round, Red Sevens was ranked 5th, Contract Killers was ranked 9th (losing on the 8th spot due to elimination difference) and Zoo was ranked 10th. Kudos to Contract Killers who was playing with only 4 players and managed to beat the Red Sevens with the latter suffering their first loss of the day. The Red Sevens concluded the tournament with a 7th position after failing to qualify for the Semi Finals. In the Novice Division, Heartbreakers and Rampage Onslaught got their first taste of an overseas tournament and did fairly well with a couple of winning games but it was Dark Militia who overcame the odds and won the 7th position after qualifying for the Quarter Finals spot. Playing in a stadium able to fill 35000 spectators is more than what a paintballer could ask for and we wonder if we will ever get this kind of luxury in Singapore. The hospitality and support given by the local organizers were amazing. The refereeing was good and the atmosphere was a blast! The players party ended with the royal highness, a princess from the royal family giving out the prizes to the winning teams.

Congratulations to Red Sevens and Dark Militia. This event matches the World Cup Asia 2009 with 6 participating Singapore teams... so when's the 3rd lucky seven?

More photos later...