Sunday, July 19, 2009

Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament - Day 2 and Day 3

Representatives from all participating teams

The gang in Dye Asia

Basically, its travelling and travelling.... the team goes from Northern Taiwan to Central Taiwan and ended up in the hostel at about 11 pm in Southern Taiwan, Kao Hsiung. There were some coordination problem with the organizers and we had to wait, wait and wait most of the time.

Havent I seen this before....hmmmm...

The journey started from Tao Yuan to Dye Asia (as usual) via the express train. Kiko and Edi were really excited when we reached Dye plant as Kiko mentioned its like "little children shopping for candies". As a Dye sponsored team, we managed to pick up some merchandise at killa prices too. The trip will be in vain if we did nothing to extend our sponsorship with Dye. So yes... Red Sevens will be using Dye for another year. We got our new masks, new jerseys and pants, and of course our new markers... the team will be shooting Dye DM9 for the rest of the year. Arthur was so impressed with the DM9 that he called it the smoothest marker he ever shot. And we all know that Arthur is a big fan of Ego. For an Ego user to say that Dye is shooting smooth goes to show the quality of Dye products. I added the latest soft tip Billy Wing bolt for my Air Jordan DM9.

Welcome by the organizers...

We arrived at the tournament ground for the captains briefing and walked the ground filled with NPPL bunkers. With the support from the city council and the World Games commitee, the set up of the event is indeed very impressive. Edi as the youngest player of the team is appointed as the team captain for this event. Arthur Chang and Yuan couldnt join us in time for the practice game and with only 5 players playing in the Xball format is indeed no joke as the game format is physically demanding. We were scheduled to play Team Dynamics from Taiwan, who is also the house team. We beat this team last year during the qualification rounds so we were pretty confidence going into the game.

Our new team attire... leopard I4 and Oakland Blast and yes, our new DM9s too

We played Kiko and Gerald on the Doritos wanting to execute a double dorito offense with one backing the other. Jane played on the snake tape, with Seburo and I lobbing paints at the corner and home bunkers. The Xball format plays to a Race to 3 format, it simply means the first team to get 3 games in hand wins the game. Our team lost the first 2 games and managed to come back with a 2-2 draw. With the final game as the decision maker, we lost the game to Dynamics. Although we lost, I was pretty delighted with the performance considering that we had only 5 players and most of us went into the field with only a pod each.

The opening gate to players area and field