Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paintballers World - Singapore Paintball Proshop

Well... I wrote about this previously... but thought that I will be doing the shop and TILT a disservice if I dont put up all these photos!!! Thanks Tilt!

Basically, the shop has all that one needs to play the game of paintball... from recreational to tournament players. Tons of lifestyle clothings for you to act like a paintballer when you are not playing.

We will soon have a PS3 in the shop too...

This is the best part of the proshop. We fixed a TV just outside the store and keep running paintball videos... talk about creating awareness for paintball. One funny conversation that I had with a passerby:

Passerby: "Wah...!!! New shop. What do you guys sell?"
Proshop: "We are a paintball store."

Passerby: "Ohhhh... (looking intelligent), I know...Ping Pong..."
Proshop: ", its paintball."

Passerby: "Ohhh...pinball, I know I know."
Proshop: "!@#$%^&*() (thoughts....)"

Awarness is important... visit their website,