Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worst outing ever...but best company!!!

Yes, you might have heard it, you might have witnessed the games...Red Sevens sucked at MPOC Leg 4. Fair enough...this is the first time since the team was set up in 2007 that we did not make it to Round 2. Lady luck was definitely not on our side...In fact, this MPOC is our most prepared event...we have all the players to rotate between games, we have all the equipment to go around...we even had Cyborgs as backup markers! Come on... Although the results were disappointing...I thought this tournament was the best in terms of attendance. We had a full roaster of 7 players and 1 crew member. Even Callio who was unable to attend the games turned up to give his moral support! Good company yah? While we were physically prepared... we might not be mentally prepared. For the rest of our games in the year...I will try my best to give a motivational speech to everyone and try my best to hype up our emotions before every game...get that fighting spirit into everyone!!!

I was damned determine to do well in MPOC 4 having played NPPL Asia 2 weeks ago and flew to Taiwan to learn from the best...and before all these, we also played almost every weekends at RD. So this is certainly not the results that I was looking for. But of course, no point crying over spilled milk. All that I can say is that we will play better next time...could be in the NPL, could be the next MPOC, it all depends.

And yes, we have the committment of 4 players for the World Cup...just need an extra player to make the trip.

Its official too, Red Sevens will be wearing DYE C8 from top to bottom in our next tourney...we are officially sponsored by DYE. Discussion is still in the process...but it should be more or less confirmed.

Which makes me wonder again... are Singaporean teams not working hard enough to get sponsors? Seems like it....Going that extra mile to make the game more affordable does not seems to be in everybody's mind. Sponsorship raises the profile of the team...which should be good for paintball development.

Next up for Red Sevens...RD5. Perhaps, we should set an objective for ourselves during the game. Concentrate, play hard and win games.