Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wake up your ideas!

Do what you are supposed to do...you can delegate but not last minute delegation! You just piss everyone off. You know where to get contact numbers, you know where to get registration forms, you know we are short of players, you know Ipoh is cancelled, you know you have lots of things to do, you know MPOC is important to Red Sevens!....so please dont fuck the team up!!! No last minute delegation! Plan early please! You are not alone now....you dont plan just for yourself, you plan for the team! You think of everyone who is in the team...you need to know your roster, you need to know if MPOC is still ongoing, you need to communicate and you need to know everything inside out!!!! Everything!

Given the job, just do a good one. If not a good one, do a satisfactory one! I have been helping and supporting but I cannot do it everytime! And to the rest of the Red Sevens!!! Wake up your ideas!!! Its so hard to get everyone to nod their head!!! And if you are not going to MPOC. Just keep us informed early....NO BEGGING NEEDED!!! Indicate early and you are a saviour, we can look for players, inform anything later than one week and you are a fucker! Wake up your ideas please!!! Everyone! You want to do a good job and play the game that you love then please give the committment!!!! I dont want to guess your thoughts!! I want you to tell us...

RED SEVENS please wake up your ideas! Still want to play as a team then commit. Dont want to play anymore...then just say! And Capt, you need to be in control more...tell us the plan!!! Not 5 days away from competition and scramble for help. Everyone is busy, everyone has their own committments, everyone has their role to play, everyone has more important things to do....I am not alone! I make scarifices and I hope you can too!!! MPOC is important to Red Sevens I say again. I am not going to let this team down by poor administration and poor committment.

If you want out! Tell me! Honestly, I will not blame you but I will fuck you up if you are wishy washy...and not have concrete reply. SO PLEASE TELL ME!