Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learn from the pros...paintball clinic, are they good?

2 years ago when Seburo, Elle and I attended the Hybrid Paintball Clinic in KL, we had the most wonderful time. Firstly, we get to see how the professional players play on the field, these guys also share with us an insight to their game plans and you will get a chance to speak to them and find out how much time they have devoted their life to the sport. But more importantly, they open up the door to more paintball drills, drills and drills. So are these drills any good? Or should I say are these clinics effective?

Trust me, any paintball clinics by any professional players out there are one of the best things that any paintballer should attend. Regardless of how good you already are, you will surely learn some new things from these paintball clinics. Surely, if you have already been playing for a while, you might not learn as much as a beginner. Which is why... if I can suggest, I would like to call out to all new players to attend any paintball clinics that are out there. Not only will you learn some of the common terms used in paintball such as snapshooting, break out, etc. You can also make use of this opportunity to know players from other teams and who knows, you can eventually earn a spot in the team. There is no better time to break into the community by attending a paintball clinic.

Sometimes, to get the best, you have to pay for the best... so some of these clinics (especially those conducted by the professionals) do come at a cost. For example, I have to pay RM700 to attend the clinic by Nicky Cuba, Todd Martinez, Gary Shows, Nick Shows and Chris Corcino. Of course, some might say its a rip off... yes, I do agree but hey... I learnt a lot. I must say that clinic helped me to break into the community and also made some long lasting friends. About 1 year ago, I flew to Taiwan to attend Ollie Lang's clinic and came back with some of the best snapshooting paintball drills. Thats where I learnt how to dive too... and yeah we made some very good friends too, which eventually kept me going back to Taiwan almost every year. I cannot remember how much I paid for that clinic... but it is surely worth that money.

I am putting this in my blog because I feel that there is a need for all to understand the importance of attending a paintball clinic and the many things that can follow suite. This November 2009, Malaysia team Dark Angels will be inviting the most profilic player from the famous Joy Division, Maximus Lundqvist to Kuala Lumpur to conduct a paintball clinic. I would like to urge all paintballers who can afford the trip to head up for this clinic and you will be amazed at the results!