Friday, January 28, 2011

and the saga continues...

Really want to know more about the lastest update about Singapore paintball?

Where else other than and www.singaporepaintball.blogspot can you read about the latest news about Singapore paintball?

Why is this so some might ask? This is because, we are the people driving the sport of paintball in Singapore since 2006.

Before anyone starts mumbling about my statement, I say it again, the keyword here is "in Singapore". Not anywhere else but in Singapore, for Singapore. We do not market ourselves as the site to provide the latest update this is because, we really are. News about Singapore paintball teams or individual participating in overseas tournament are always updated for all to read and to be debated upon.

On another issue, there have been talks from a local group about shaping a developmental path for Singapore paintball with a new interim committee. There were talks about statistics and volunteers coming together to contribute towards the development and promotion for Singapore paintball but again nothing much was heard.

In the latest development and "update" for Singapore paintball, we knew of another "temporary group" coming together to indicate their passion for paintball development in Singapore but the question remains who are these people? While there has been a call for transparency... nothing much has been told to us and little information about this "temporary group" is available. Another new era and deja vu for Singapore paintball again? With new promises, new faces, new plans perhaps it is time we look at what's on the table for this new group.

Maybe it is a case of taking too long to put things in action and time to make way for others. Deja Vu once again... paintball is so interesting!