Saturday, December 26, 2009

YES! Year End Sales!!!

Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge 2010 - 31 Jan 2010

Mark a date with us. If you are new to paintball and would like to try out competitive paintball, you have to sign up for this event.

Event: Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge 2010
Date: 31 Jan 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 9.00 am - 2.00pm
Venue: Red Dynasty Paintball Park Field 3
Format: 4 vs 4 Hopper Ball (100 paintballs per game), minimum of 5 qualifying games

Registration closes on 27 January 2010, 12 pm

Eligibility: All participants must be 14 years old and above. Strictly rookie players only
Team: Team can register up to 6 players (4 field players + 2 reserves)

Registration forms will be available at Red Dynasty Paintball Park and Paintballers World Proshop

Registration fee: $450.00 per team (paintballs used during the tournament are covered in the registration fee)

Prizes: 1st - $200 cash prize + $200 Paintballers World vouchers + 6 medals
2nd - $100 cash prize + $100 worth of Paintballers World vouchers + 6 medals
3rd - $150 Paintballers World voucher + 6 medals

Teams that are interested can register your interest with us at

*Tournament will proceed if there is a minimum of 6 participating teams.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paintball in SEA Games?

Recently, someone asked me if I have spoken to anyone from the Singapore Sports School about promoting paintball in the school. When faced with this question, I felt amused and helpless. With a few years of working experience in sports development, I have worked with people from the Singapore Sports Council, Singapore Sports School and several sporting associations and I kinda knew where this conversation will be going... nothing...

To find a footing for a new sport in Singapore is one of the toughest thing that can ever happened in this part of the world.

A few years ago when a student first approached my department about starting a Bossaball interest group in the school... 2 thoughts came to my mind: "What is Bossaball?" and "Who plays this game?" Then there were other considerations: 1) How big is the Bossaball community in Singapore? 2) What are the resources that are needed? 3) How much money does this sport need? 4) How can Bossaball contribute to school sports? 5) How "huge" is Bossaball interationally? When we compared Bossball with paintball... I do see a few similarities. No offence to the Bossaball people, I think you guys are doing a good job introducing this sports to Singaporeans. But seriously, how has it been so far? The same is for paintball...

The typical Singaporean will understand that unless we stand a good chance of winning some medals in the world stage, we might not want to "pump in" resources into the development. Surely we understand the reasons behind supporting these core sports (swimming, table tennis, bowling, sailing, athletics (1.2 MILLION!!!))... these are the medal winning sports and yes, we should concentrate on what we do best! But I am also urging the good people of the Singapore Sports Council to embrace other sports... and paintball is one of those.

This year, there are 7 Singapore based teams who participated in the recent World Cup Asia as compared to 2 teams in 2008 and only 1 team in 2007 so surely the numbers are growing... and we are not even counting the number of teams who want to be there but couldn't due to travel expenses. We don't need 1.2 million dollars to kick start paintball in Singapore... and $3000 is definitely too little. Singapore teams have proven time and again that with proper resources, a review of current firearms law and support from relevant parties, we can bring back the medals!

With sports such as dancesports, woodball, ice hockey, contract bridge, bowls, Muay Thai, pickleball and powerboat recognized as a National Sports Association, I am sure paintball as a sport (not recreational) will surely fit the bill and we are talking about a team sport which require players to possess agility, quick decision making skills, teamwork, speed and accuracy. People from different gender and ages (14 years old and above by Singapore Police Force regulations) can participate in paintball. You can pit a 14 years old student to play against a 45 years old man and the results can go either way!!! You can pit a female player against a male player and yes the results can go either way too!!! To the good people who are behind sports development in Singapore, please have an open mind towards the game... and yes, we have helped ourselves since 2007 and its about time...

Okay, will paintball in Singapore be as popular as Malaysia? Most probably not... We do not have available Datuks or Sultans who are ready to support the game just for the reason of community building. Just look across the straits... and the number of tournaments, that's what I call support! But again, Singapore and Malaysia are 2 different countries. Will paintball be in the SEA games? That's possible... when Malaysia host their next SEA games... Big bosses of the paintball industry, if you are reading this, please MAKE IT HAPPEN! Medal contention is indeed promising...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tournament paintball rules and regulations

A couple of months ago, when a new player wants to know more about paintball rules and safety... they took the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) conducted by the Paintball Association (Singapore), PBAS, which comprised of a theory and practical test. Most of them who came for the BTO knew what they were in for and would usually prepare for it. Once a while, there will be a few who came for the BTO without really knowing what they were in for. Part of the objectives of the BTO is to allow new players to know more the game and develop their interest towards competitive paintball.

With the cessation of BTO by PBAS and the removal of the center divider sparkle an interest for people who always wanted to play competitively but do not want to go through the hassle of a BTO (trademark to Singapore...). So where do they go now?

1) Attend paintball clinics
2) Read and understand the rules of the game, *Take note that different tournament has different game rules e.g. ROF, hand signs, field exit after elimination, etc.
3) Join an existing paintball team
4) Play competitive skirmishes
5) Get someone to coach the team
6) Watch Youtube videos and try to understand the rules and format
7) Participate in a local mini paintball tournament

There you go...

Contract Killers Paintball Clinic @ Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Contract Killers had their first taste of organizing a paintball clinic cum paintball challenge at Red Dynasty Paintball Park today! The turn out was great with more than 20 pre-registered participants and up to 18 players who took part in the mini challenge. Contract Killers who won the 1st Runner Up position of the recent World Cup Asia 2009 has come a long way since their formation in late 2008. They have proven themselves time and again as one of the most well communicated team on the field and has won several accolades in the local scene. Having won the SPNS twice as the 1st Runner Up and a 2nd Runner Up position in 2009, the team will be moving to a bigger stage in 2010, plying their trade in the Asia paintball hub, Malaysia. Resources tell us that they will be playing in the My-NPL as a Division 3 team with a completely new name. Sponsors who are looking for a break into the paintball scene, this might be a team to look out for. On the other note, its good to see another Singapore team breaking into the Malaysia scene.

The mini challenge was won by Thomas Liow's team, who coincidentally is the younger brother of Ivan Rickard Liow whom we have featured a few weeks ago... talking about the same blood. Contract Killers was kind enough to offer their WCA prizes (4 Proto EL Goggles) to the winning team, moving a step ahead in the promotion of paintball in Singapore.

This clinic is part of the Reds Team Support Program offered by Red Dynasty Paintball Park to promote paintball in Singapore.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What good is SPLAT?

SPLAT is an initiative by Paintballers World (Singapore's first paintball pro shop) in collaboration with Red Dynasty Paintball Park to develop and promote competitive paintball in Singapore. Due to restricting firearms law in Singapore, it is illegal for any individual to possess a firearm without a possession permit.This regulation will remain for as long with the authorities until paintball has evolved into a mainstream sports similar to the X Games or the Olympics (well bowling is not an Olympic sports too). Perhaps when paintball becomes part of the Youth Olympics (you lucky bastards wrestling and handball...) that due recognition will be given. We know that with the firearms law, paintball might not be as big as we want to in the next 10 years or perhaps longer.

Instead of whining and waiting for things to happen, we need to effect changes and SPLAT it is... It is the closest where one comes to participating in local or overseas competition using a rental e-marker riding on the establishment and management of a paintball field.

Spending tons of investment in this sport and not utilizing the equipment fully is definitely not the best investment plan one could think of... think of all the time that you can save if you can train with these rentals and get to use the exact rental in competitions after maintaining the marker a week before the event. And they say time is money.

No more cases of missing markers... no more cases of misuse. While some might disagree with me that SPLAT is the best plan but certainly the closest (and I have to emphasize again...) that we can get given the restrictions. With a good take up rate, an e-division in Singapore can possibly take form. Standards of play can improve and the sport can grow and develop. With SPLAT Exclusive, players can purchase a box of paintballs at exclusive rates. Pricing issue is a never ending story... there is no actual definition for cheap and how cheap is cheap? Cross the straits and you can still see players complaining about paint prices and after so many years of development, people are still complaining. Its the same story in Malaysia, its the same story in Taiwan, its the same story in the States, its the same story everywhere. Its a never ending issue... the realistic truth is, paint prices in Singapore can never match our neighbours. Things just cost different in Singapore and in Malaysia.

One of the most common question that I get with SPLAT: "Can I rent a marker out of Singapore for training?" Dude... it's not going to happen and I hope it was that easy... With SPLAT, accountability is highly regarded by the authorities, which is why only tournaments of elite status are regarded as legitimate. Ask the same question again but from a different perspective of a Malaysian player: "Can I bring a marker into Singapore?" The answer is no... in fact I would assume that no Malaysians in their right mind would want to do this since our currency conversion is double of our neighbours.

At the end of the day, its all about choices... while there are people who do not mind spending a little bit more time travelling while exchanging for savings. There are also people who do not mind paying more for less travel. We just have to start somewhere and we call the people who come aboard PIONEERS...

In 2 years time, we will have more than 10 Division 4 teams, 4 Division 3 teams, 2 Division 2 teams and perhaps 1 Division 1 team... all 126 of them keeping markers in Malaysia? Something to ponder about... we just need to start somewhere.

A personal view about SPLAT.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Setting up a paintball field in Singapore

If you exploring the idea of setting up a paintball field in Singapore, you can approach staff of Paintballers World for a cost quotation. We offer local expertise on licensing, field marketing, daily operations, equipment maintenance and paintball field supplies. You can choose from a range of basic recreational field package to competitive field package. Paintballers World has a wide distribution network across the regional countries and will be able cater to any of your paintball needs.

For more information on partnership, new start up or paintball supplies, please email

"Paintballers World is Singapore's first paintball proshop and an authorized dealer for most major paintball brands. You should find all the necessary paintball accessories to get you started in the sport of paintball. We cater to individual players, recreational players, tournament teams and field operators. We also carry paintball lifestyle clothings to bring out your paintball personality when you are not playing in the field. Look good on the field and fantabulous off the field!

We are a one-stop paintball store that caters to the growing community and offers paintball consultation and supplies (even an all-in-one field package) to regional paintball startups. Our forte in planning and coordinating paintball events and tournaments in Singapore is highly regarded by our industry partners. We are always on a lookout for partners to promote and to develop this game in Singapore, if you are keen to be a partner or dealer with Paintballer’s World, get in touch with us!"

“Gett’in Poisoned Without Realising” is the tagline for our shop. So, if you are poisoned, you know where to find us.

We are located at Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road, #02-21, Singapore

SPLAT - The last battle...

SPLAT - A new initiative for Singapore paintball... surely the last battle to develop paintball in Singapore. In 2008, we had MARK but it was short lived. A year of planning and SPLAT it is. Yes, it will be difficult, it will be tough and we need lots of support to get this going but given the restriction in Singapore... this could be a possible route to change paintball in Singapore. To be wise, we need to be stupid, to be old, we need to be young... we just need to start somewhere. Let's make up for the lost time...

E-marker Division in Singapore and overseas tournament? We'll see...