Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tournament paintball rules and regulations

A couple of months ago, when a new player wants to know more about paintball rules and safety... they took the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) conducted by the Paintball Association (Singapore), PBAS, which comprised of a theory and practical test. Most of them who came for the BTO knew what they were in for and would usually prepare for it. Once a while, there will be a few who came for the BTO without really knowing what they were in for. Part of the objectives of the BTO is to allow new players to know more the game and develop their interest towards competitive paintball.

With the cessation of BTO by PBAS and the removal of the center divider sparkle an interest for people who always wanted to play competitively but do not want to go through the hassle of a BTO (trademark to Singapore...). So where do they go now?

1) Attend paintball clinics
2) Read and understand the rules of the game, *Take note that different tournament has different game rules e.g. ROF, hand signs, field exit after elimination, etc.
3) Join an existing paintball team
4) Play competitive skirmishes
5) Get someone to coach the team
6) Watch Youtube videos and try to understand the rules and format
7) Participate in a local mini paintball tournament

There you go...

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