Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contract Killers Paintball Clinic @ Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Contract Killers had their first taste of organizing a paintball clinic cum paintball challenge at Red Dynasty Paintball Park today! The turn out was great with more than 20 pre-registered participants and up to 18 players who took part in the mini challenge. Contract Killers who won the 1st Runner Up position of the recent World Cup Asia 2009 has come a long way since their formation in late 2008. They have proven themselves time and again as one of the most well communicated team on the field and has won several accolades in the local scene. Having won the SPNS twice as the 1st Runner Up and a 2nd Runner Up position in 2009, the team will be moving to a bigger stage in 2010, plying their trade in the Asia paintball hub, Malaysia. Resources tell us that they will be playing in the My-NPL as a Division 3 team with a completely new name. Sponsors who are looking for a break into the paintball scene, this might be a team to look out for. On the other note, its good to see another Singapore team breaking into the Malaysia scene.

The mini challenge was won by Thomas Liow's team, who coincidentally is the younger brother of Ivan Rickard Liow whom we have featured a few weeks ago... talking about the same blood. Contract Killers was kind enough to offer their WCA prizes (4 Proto EL Goggles) to the winning team, moving a step ahead in the promotion of paintball in Singapore.

This clinic is part of the Reds Team Support Program offered by Red Dynasty Paintball Park to promote paintball in Singapore.

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