Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comparison between Greg Hasting and NPPL

Singapore paintball community...what are you waiting for? Yes, you can find it in Funan but limited pieces left, so hurry. And having played both Greg Hasting and the newly released NPPL Championship, here's my take:

1) What I like about the NPPL is the option to "purchase" and add new 2009 paintball gear to your character! Well of course, it will cost a bomb to own some of having to "own and use " them in the virtual world is fantastic.

2) The option to go into training mode with the Dynasty guys set this game apart from Greg. After going through this exile training, your character improves on proficiency which increases your ability to speed, accuracy, etc.

3) The pro tips while waiting for the game to load is certainly some good education material for newbies...but the repeatitive tips seem to go bore after a just keeps repeating, repeating and repeating...perhaps more tips from of which I like best "Support your local paintball field".

4) Communication...we all know that communication is important in paintball. And I am very sure this was well thought of when they designed the game. For once, you know what you are pressing and yelling. The usual directional control takes over this part of the game. You can choose to go on an "All Out Attack" when your opponent is outnumbered. You can call for "Fall Back" if you are on the losing ground. You can also effectively call out to your team mates when you have an "Enemy Sighted". Greg seems to lose out on this...while this feature is available. It is not comparable to visual aid which is so important in games. Seeing is believing....

5) You know when you are running low on air....this feature is not in Greg...Though in real life, you aint supposed to know this...but it kinda help in strategizing your next move.

6) Bunkers are nicely realism. But the supporters standing behind the netting is kinda turn off....reason...they all move the same, look the same and certainly programmed the same. A change of background supporters can help. For hear the cheer but see no one watching..."Where did those cheers come from....I wonder?"

7) I was excited to get the game off to choosing game offence to those that have given their rights away as game characters...I am sure you guys are good enough to be featured in the game and surely well qualified to have Activision getting you into the project. But I would like to see more of the "Extreme Paintball Beyond the Paints". If you know what I mean...Glen, Ollie, Cuba, Wings, Max...I want to "use" and "control" them... (Maybe this feature is in the game...I dont know...I only spent 2 hours playing and still in Division 2....) Still big teams are in the game.

8) AI....seems to run either left or right... (okay...I play as an amature, so maybe that's why).

9) Less cartoon like...Greg is more cartoon like...and NPPL has a good intro on paintball for its opening. Gets you ready to start playing. The part on asking you to get ready to fight and you the needed adrenaline. I like that part....Win win win...

10) Lastly...its a good game for paintballers. By far the best...if you compare to Greg. So 10/10!!! Oh yes...if there is going to be another paintball game soon...please please please...let it be more than 1 player. You know...its a team game. So 5 players playing together will be good. PERFECT! or at least a 1 on 1....please.