Monday, August 3, 2009

Singapore most medalled player - JUDAS!

I have previously blogged about the "Singapore Most Medalled Player". Well... the record has been broken again. And this time by our Singapore old timer paintballer. I am using the word old timer because Bryan otherwise known as Judas in the paintball community is one of the earliest batch of paintballers who is still enjoying the game of paintball. Judas who was formerly from Team Redlords won the first Champion medal of the Singapore Paintball Novice Series in 2008. His desire to experience a competitive platform has seen him becoming one of the Singaporeans to players to play in Malaysia. With his recent Champions medal in the MY-NPL Leg 4, Judas is now one of the most medalled player in Singapore. We catch up with him and viola!

SPNS 2008 Leg 1 Champion Redlords
MY-NPL 2009 Leg 2 JB 2nd Runner up
ISSC 2009 Div 3 1st Runner up
MY-NPL 2009 Leg 3 Kuantan Div 4 2nd Runner up
MY-NPL 2009 Leg 4 Melaka Div 4 Champions

Judas with his team Shootin Rage (extreme right with head sticking out)

1) Having played and compete in Division 4 tournaments in Malaysia, what is the main difference between Singapore and Malaysia paintball?

"I believe that there are pros and cos for playing in singapore and malaysia, you exchange cost for travel time. Both countries you get to train with experienced players. No matter where you train, just make the best of it...we're are all learning, we're all striving to get better in our game."

2) What word of advice would you give Singapore teams who want to compete in Malaysia?

"It will be an eye opening experience, it will serve as a test to gauge your progress in the sport of paintball."

3) Any other comments?

"When people ask me about going to malaysia to play paintball, they always give excuses like my team doesnt want to go, or cannot la no time, I say to these people, it doesnt matter, these are all excuses, your team doesnt want to go, go yourself. if you dont have time, make time. You are actually helping your team to bring back some experience having played in Malaysia."

Oh yes, Judas made an indication that he might be moving to Division 3 next year. Well done to another Singaporean!