Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A recent poll about paintball in Singapore...

There is a recent poll set by a Singaporean player, Joran, you can visit his blog at joranatplay.blogspot.com.

The poll entitled "If you play speedball and staying in Singapore, why arent you playing locally" has a list of options for people to choose their reasons of why they are not playing speedball even though they are residing in Singapore. Well, I guess this poll is targeted at only a small group of people. I am pretty sure I would have already knew if there are any Singaporeans who are actively playing speedball in overseas but not locally. Come to think of it... maybe a handful of them, perhaps nothing more than 10 players. But of course, if this poll is targeted at Singaporeans not playing paintball (speedball + woodsball), I guess there might be a bigger pool out there.

If it was me who is setting up the poll, I will have options like:

- Lack of support from local authorities
- Insufficient speedball infrastructure
- Lack of resources/information to get me started
- Hard to form a team and get people interested

but instead there are options such as:

- Bad memories
- Markers poorly maintained
- Dont like the management
- Someone call me a noob when I was a newbie
- Expensive, etc, etc

Surely, everyone can have their own opinions of how things should be done. Some might be right, some might be wrong, thats why the term subjective. The next person who is trying promote speedball in Singapore (if you are reading this), please make sure that you must first have a good managment, restrict the use of the word "Noob" in your field, ensure all markers are working fine, leave good memories for every participants, hire staff that are well liked by people, make sure they encourage only people of good skill level to go to your field, use cheap paintballs and so on and so on.

Happy polling.