Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paintball Pro Shop in Asia

Established since 2009, Paintballers World is Singapore's only paintball pro shop which caters to the progressive sport of paintball in Asia. The store's wide distribution range of paintball gears has helped many paintball enthusiasts to enjoy the game of paintball with the right playing attire. The store main goal is to provide every paintball players and fields in Asia with the widest range of paintball products. Based in Singapore, Paintballers World is the retail division of Extreme Sports LLP which businesses diverse from operation of paintball fields, organization of paintball tournaments and paintball retail business. Paintballers World's online website is Singapore's first paintball online website (possibly in Asia too) with customers distribution in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand.

Paintballers World is located in One Commonwealth Building, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #03-03, Singapore 149544. It is only 3 minutes walk away from Commonwealth MRT located in the central part of Singapore. For more information about Paintballers World, please visit