Monday, August 17, 2009


As the MPOC 2009 season has come to a close. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and organization who has helped us in many, many ways:

Our sponsors - DYE ASIA, KCHL PAINTBALL, FURIOUS PAINTBALL. You make us look good on the field.

Daniel "Junior" - For giving the team the needed support and pointers the whole entire MPOC season. Not forgetting that you also help the team with our logistic issues and becoming our default "tech" manager. Congratulations on the winning the overall series Division 2 Champion with Lemon Ruskies.

Sani "Gong Gong" - For being so motivational every time we see you. Your words of support surely brighten our day.

KCHL Paintball - For sponsoring the team with paintball equipment and making this game affordable for us. Thanks for the trust that you have given to us and allowing us to play with higher division and experience players in the league on many occasions.

Malaysia Marshals - For taking all the unneccessary hits when marshalling. There will be times when we get a little hot headed when on the field. But trust me, you have our respect. We understand that there can be good calls and bad calls at times. Thanks Ulitmate Ref, Mr. Junaidi for always ready to discuss with us about game regulations and rules.

MPOC committee and vendors support - Paul, Allan, KCHL, NAPSHOT, PROPAINTBALL, SKIRMISH PAINTBALL ASIA for supporting the league that we all love. Without vendors support, there will be no paintball games.