Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Asia Ref Singapore!

Previously, we interviewed Ivan Rickard Liow about his experience in officiating in World Cup Asia 2009. This round, we would like to highlight the rest of the Asia Refs from Singapore who attended the Asia Ref Certification clinic. The Asia Ref Certification clinic was conducted by Asia Ref Ultimate Ref, Mr. Junaidi.K who is a prominent marshaling figure in Asia.

Several Red Dynasty Paintball Park staff attended the clinic to pick up fundamental refeering skills for competitive paintball which consist of 3 lessons: Basic Refereeing and Advanced Refereeing which is theory based and Field Refereeing which is a practical session conducted in the paintball field. As Mr. Junaidi quoted: "Refereeing is similar to playing paintball, the more you referee, the better you will be."

The following individuals attended the Asia Ref Certification clinic:

Jane Koh, Ben Seow, Damian Li, Fadzri Fuzz, Ivan Rickard Liow, Yuan, Vince, Grant, Abdullah and Brian.