Friday, June 13, 2008

BTOed and not playing in tourney?

Recently had a discussion with folks from the SPNS committee...something that I have strong views about: People going through the BTO and eventually not taking part in tourneys. If I can remember correctly, the aim of the BTO is to ensure that paintball tournament can be conducted in a safe way in which players are competent to comprehend game rules and understand the safety aspects of the game. Before the BTO, there was not a single paintball tournament in Singapore, there were no rules governing paintball tournament and obviously there is also no way that the centre line can be removed. Painstaking efforts have been put in placed to review adopted rules, players checklist, meetings with the authorities, organizing BTO courses, etc.

Objective: To allow players to participate in paintball tournament alike to rules and regulations by tournaments held overseas.

For once, I would like to set this straight...BTO is for the purpose of allowing SPNS to promote paintball in Singapore in the most similar way as compared to how it is done overseas without the constraint of the centre line, which is a regulated by the SPF. Sir! I respect the rules, and understand that education and awareness is important. We will work with you to ensure that no rules and safety will be breached.

But of late, I also noticed that there has been an increase of people wanting to go through the BTO for the sake of going through the BTO (I could be assuming). But I cant help thinking that the objective of them going through the BTO is play in Field 3 without the line! This is not right...definitely not what we want when we first came up with the BTO. I would like to urge all to forget about playing tournament paintball if your aim is to get BTO-ed and never to appear again. You are not helping us, you are not helping yourself. You are not helping paintball in Singapore. You are not helping us to convince the authorities! Paintball dont grow in that way...understand the math?

However, having said this, I am not against people who have gone through BTO-ed but continue to have a physical presence in the paintball community, be crew for teams. Thats can still help in many other ways, refeering, event organizing, need to know something in order to start somewhere right? But I am totally against people who have BTO-ed and then play the vanishing Houdini....hello? Anybody home?

I would like to suggest this to the committee:

1) Players should play at least twice before enrolling for BTO. How can we do that? Hmmm...I have no idea. Course fee vs time? Maybe...

2) Players must have a team before going through BTO. Recommendation must come from team captain to commit player to at least one leg of the tournament.

3) BTO players having missed 2 tournaments, must return for a refresher course (FREE) else have ID revoked.

4) Another extra practical session after the BTO.

Things will changed...