Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank you...

I will end the final segment of the APIT 2009 with a word of thanks to the following people:

1) Arthur Chang - Our beloved Taiwanese import who stood by us even though we had a pretty shaky lineup. Arthur offered his help to the team unconditionally by allowing us to make his home a players village, ferrying us from the airport and around taoyuan, a great host who brought us around looking for food, helping us to buy our train tickets back from Kao Hsiung, arranging for the team's registration, etc. You have certainly make us feel very welcome in Taiwan. THANK YOU!

2) Organizers of the APIT 2009 - Although there were some minor screw ups but all is good. It is definitely a hard task organizing a paintball tournament not to mention a paintball tournament of this scale. After months and months of preparing, I think the organizers have done well this time. They are more prepared as compared to last year and they are more organized too. of course, with a better accommodation arrangement as compared to last year would render a 10/10 for the team. THANK YOU!

3) Marshals - Its not easy I guess, teams speaking in different languages hurling vulgarities, surely they can easily pick up some free language lessons. Its a tough job and we all know. THANK YOU!

4) Our Taiwan friends - This tournament will be just any other tournament if not for your hospitality and support. You have supported us from the sidelines during our games, you have given words of encouragement and you have made us feel welcome. Steven, Clarie, Alan, Fon Jen, Pony, Bronco, Alan, Mingzhe, Devon, Ellen, Peter, Rex, Zhi Zhong, Shan, Chiu, the KU gang. THANK YOU!

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