Monday, July 20, 2009

Nazari the next big thing in Asia paintball

This little man is Nazari, he plays for Team Datis from Iran. It was in Malaysia when I first saw him, then he was crewing for the Team Datis and helping to load paintballs, getting the players ready for their game, carrying spare markers, spare loaders for the team. There was something about this guy… he looked extremely enthusiastic about paintball, he looked like he was raring to be on the field, he looked hungry. Well, we met him again…and this time, he was donning the yellow jersey (Datis wears yellow).

He may look short, he may look harmless… but he is one of the best snake players in the whole tournament. If there is an award to select the best 5 players of the Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament 2009, I am pretty confident that Nazari will be one of them. Not only is he fast sliding down the snake side, he is also patient and clam, which is pretty rare for the snake player. His agility can easily match the pros that you see on videos and his movements is so “smooth” that spectators actually enjoyed watching him play. Terrorizing the snake tape and leaving an impression, I guess Nazari will soon make it to the bigger stage. For locals who cannot feel his presence by reading my description, let’s say he is a combination of Zach and Kiko but twice faster than both. Or should I say as good as Prince from Bushwackers...

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