Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reds in town... Day 0

The eagles have landed

After 4.5 hours of flight time, we have finally reached Taiwan. Before boarding the plane, the team managed to catch up with Ken Tsuda at the airport. He was on his way to the Philippines after a night in Singapore. Ken told us that he would love to come by again and time his business trip so that he can spend a weekend in KL when its the World Cup Asia. He also told us that he would love to spend a weekend in Singapore the next time he comes by. "I would love to play some paintball in Singapore"... So I guess the local community is in for a treat in the near future.

In Taiwan, we are imposing on our old friend Arthur who has kindly let us mess up his place again. Straight after landing, Arthur came to pick us from the airport and we went for a Teppanyaki dinner Taiwan style... Gerald had his first taste of the Taiwanese food by ordering a super duper spicy beef set and we were wondering if it was raining in the restaurant. Of course now that we are in Taiwan... its almost like TOM, TOM, TOM and TOM everywhere we go. Tomorrow, we will be going shopping...

Arthur checking out food again...

Last heard, there will be 12 participating teams, 6 local and 6 international teams. Other than Red Sevens from Singapore, we also have Datis from Iran, Incarnate from Canada, KU from Japan, SWAT from Australia and a team from Germany.

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