Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another fantastic news for Singapore Paintball!

Previously, we hinted on a new group emerging from the local paintball scene and this week, we were fed with some pretty decent information and plans for the local scene and we would like to share it with our royal readers.

From an undisclosed source, we were informed that collaboration with a "BIG" time governing agency is on the way to path the way for competitive paintball in Singapore!

Let's wait and see how this turns out...

Resources told us that things that could change include refereeing, sports recognition, media and a very decent paintball event in 2012! We are suspecting its PALS SINGAPORE!

Nope, it is not the work of the "interim committee" since no decision can be made until a formal management committee is established after a formal election. Before the election can take place, members need to be recruited for voting rights. Seriously, we are praying for "godspeed" changes to firearms laws and regulations, publicity and marketing for local paintball with the establishment of the new PBAS and we wish them all the best! We need a revolution to inject some spice into the local scene! Do something before others do the catch up.

Disclaimer - This blog is not directed at anyone or any organization. The writer of this blog is a passionate paintballer, field operator and proshop manager who wants to see growth to the local paintball scene. As a founding member of the Paintball Association (Singapore), founder of Singapore's premiere paintball event the Singapore Paintball Series, representative of the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) Singapore, the writer is enthusiastic about developing the local paintball scene and has always been a driving force for paintball sports in Singapore since 2006!

Oh... yeah the writer also wrote all these about himself!

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