Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quotes from Pattaya...

1) "Are champion always called cheaters?" - Gerald. After the semi final game when he was accused of playing on.

2) "You chose Lester cos he got wings!" - Gerald. Explaining to Ben his reasons for recruiting Lester Wing.

3) "I half, you half" - Ben. When he was semi drunk and going around to challenge everyone to drink.

4) "You sound like you hate everyone" - Arthur. When Gerald mentioned that he hates so and so...

5) "I am damn good at driving a buggy around but not on the road" - Arthur. When he was reluctant to rent a bike for himself.

6) "One man for himself" - Ben. When everyone seemed like they are season riders. For disclaimer purposes.

7) "Let's go and eat Sizzler" - Ben. When the team couldn't decide what to eat...

8) "What? Rusty Glaze is dead!" - Gerald.

9) "We are going to be on Facefull!" - Arthur. When the referee shouted game over after the final game against Alien 11.

10) "But I scare later he disappear" - Gerald. When told that he has to look after Ivan when we were in Patpong.

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Junior said...

Bloody clowns *chuckle*