Thursday, July 24, 2008 I come!

Its confirmed. I will be going to Taiwan in August. Will be playing with Team Yushan or Team Falcon when I am there. Will be using Mini Invert during the games. This is really an honour to be invited to play with the Taiwanese but most important of all, to learn from them. The last time I was there, I visited the factory plant that manfacture the Mini Invert, spoke to the inventor about paintball in Singapore too. I wonder who I will meet this time... Will be going to Dye Asia as well, so if you guys want some Dye stuff, do let me know. Will be meeting a few of my Taiwan mates as well, people like Shan from Team Shocker, Zhong from Team Falcon...Prof and Qiu who gave me lots of pointers from the early days.

In fact, the one person that I am really looking forward to meet is Ollie Lang. He will be there giving pointers on how to play paintball the right way. I will be taking this opportunity to gain more knowledge about the game from him and hopefully to impart all that I have learnt to our fellow Singaporeans. Come to think of it...I might be the first Singaporean playing in the Taiwan about foreign talent.

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