Thursday, December 4, 2008

World Games 2009 - Red Sevens

It is confirmed, we will be going to Kao Hsiung, Taiwan for the Kao Hisung Paintball Championship 2009. This event is a prelude event to include paintball as a demonstration sport for the World Games in 2009. We could very well be part of paintball history. I am excited about the trip as this will be the first time that Red Sevens will be competing in an overseas event outside Malaysia. We will be playing with some of the best in Asia, Ku will be there. With the free up of the Thailand airport, I am hoping that Infernal can be there too. I have heard so much about Team Typhoon from Taiwan, being able to see them play is amazing. Not only that, Taiwan is very special to Red Dynasty and Red Sevens, we have very good friends there and to be able to see them again and play together is simply wonderful. Rest assured, we will fly the Singapore flag high...

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