Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SLG vs SLG 09

I thought this is one interesting thing to talk about...the SLG.

SLG is a product of Proto. The term SLG is derived from the words "Super Light Gun".

So as the name implies, its light...not only light but super light. As shown is the direct comparison of the 2 SLG markers in 2008 and 2009. I got my SLG 08 marker during the World Cup Asia 2007. It was first released in Asia to Dye vendors only and I had the previlege of getting one during the Dye tech class. A spool valve technology marker, the SLG has a loud ticking sound wherever the trigger is pulled. If I can remember correctly, I got this marker for a neat price of SIN$280.00! In fact, I bought 2 of was sold to Desmond Foo (the now so famous paintball photographer in Asia) who at that time was no longer playing for Red Sevens. Yes, for SIN$280.00. Come to think of it...I should have kept it. Not that I dont want him to get it at this good offer, just that firstly, he is not a Dye dealer so this deal should not be transfer to him and secondly, he was no longer with the Red Sevens. I was only helping knowing that he is keen to play but has no marker at that time. But anyway...its all in the past. Till this day, I am still using the SLG marker but only as a back up. Didnt really like the "feel" of it...until I was holding Kiko's prized SLG marker from winning the Division 2 World Cup Asia.

Its amazing light (now with the ultra light frame), the plastic feeling of pulling the trigger is no longer there...there is an upgrade on the feedneck...which is similar to the former PMR. The design looks more sleek on the exterior and it certainly look too good to be known as an entry levelled marker. Perhaps the only downside to the marker is the need to constantly lube the internals. Kiko has a hard time doing that... I say a good way to maintain this marker is to lube it after every 3 games.

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