Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The best outing... not from the games! MPOC 2009 Leg 3

The best Red Sevens lineup so far in one of the team's worst performance. This proves to show that anything can happen in paintball. The team started off with high hopes of repeating the same feat from our last 2 tournament but it turns out to be a nightmare for. We won only 4 out of 10 qualifying games (1 win was from a bye) and shot an amazing 8 boxes! We usually shoot 13 boxes in day 1 but this round we shot amazingly little... we lost a few bodies early in the game, we had some decent game plans but never really seemed to be able to finish and close the game. Yes, it was a disappointing result but all is not lost as we spent a good weekend together with dancing, music, singing, darting, pooling and of course all the joking. I truly enjoyed the weekend. We came in 13th short of the qualifying spot (thanks to someone...yes, Mr. XPOC). But yes, we dont deserve it... we know we can do better.

This could also be the last time that Zach and Ryan will be playing with the team as they will going back to States for good in June. Yes, we will missed them but who knows we might be competing again. ISSC anyone? Final game together?

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