Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nominated POSB Everyday Champion 2009 - Paintball

Well done! Paintball received another recognition from the media again.

A couple of months ago, Calgar who is the current SPNS Head Referee and Secretary of the PBAS was nominated for the POSB Everyday Champion 2009 award... Although, he didnt win anything eventually, it is still pleasing to see that the media did made an effort to find out a little more about this unsung hero and about the things that he has done to develop paintball in Singapore.

Calgar, Small Ben, Ombudsman, SB are some of his given names in the paintball community. Paintballers know him as the conductor of the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO), someone who does not hold back his feelings and is harsh with his words but he can be proud to say that he has come a long way in certifying more than 250 tournament paintballers in Singapore!

Those who have played paintball with him often regard him as a "no-nonsense" player and one who is sometimes "out of control". Many will think that this could be the after-effect of drinking too much ammo energy shots?

While he may sometimes seem a little agitated on the field, this guy is one hell of a good and nice fellow off the field, one who is passionate about the game and willing to share his knowledge with everyone. Yes, we need more of this caliber in Singapore, people who can contribute and spend their time doing something right for paintball. From the little things that you do, like talking paintball to people to big efforts such as organizing paintball games for your friends, you are in some ways helping paintball to grow and creating that little awareness for the sport. I salute you, the unsung heros!

So have you done your part for paintball today?

Thanks Newpaper for the coverage...

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