Monday, June 8, 2009

Surprise visit to Red Dynasty by Exkay - Division 1 Team X-Fox

Since establishment, we have seen many regional big names in Red Dynasty giving paintballing tips: Dean Apcar, Matthew Nekvapil, Daniel "Junior" Goh and our very own Francis Lucena Kiko. Today, we bring you ExKay...

A deadly Kisser indeed... not off the field but on the field. ExKay, whom he is commonly known in the Malaysia paintball community was in Red Dynasty the other day... yeah... the other day simply because the trip was so secretive that we were unprepared for him. A great day to come by on 6 June 2009 (an important day to Red Dynasty), ExKay was greeted with an unusual quiet weekend day in RD. Luckily, there was an ad-hoc impromptu paintball clinic and one lucky soul managed to get away with tons of knowledge playing the snake.

ExKay who used to play for Xposure, Xtioneers and now a member of the MPOC Division 1 leading champion (after 3 legs) X-Fox, you cannot go wrong with the things you tell you to do in the snake. While his visit to Red Dynasty was short, he still managed to impart his unorthrodox ways of playing the snake to Fadly (our newbie in paintball). "A good paintballer needs to shoot with both hands" was his quote of the day when he showed Fadly how lightning fast his hands were when switching the marker from left to right.

Yes, Red Dynasty has not seen the last of ExKay for he will be coming by to Singapore again in early July. And a prelude of his next paintball clinic will focus on the snake side (yes, both the snake and his back player). So if you are keen to improve your style of playing the snake, fostering the communication with your back player, or ways to interact with your snake player while supressing fire. This is a chance not to be missed!!!

On behalf of Red Dynasty, we would like to thank ExKay for his time and introducing to us his "weird" but powerful way of playing in the snake.

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