Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Insight to .50 caliber

We have heard of the .50 caliber marker. Let's take a closer look at the marker and its possible potential. The diameter of the barrel is definitely the eye catcher... the marker looks light, feels light and surely looked compact. The price tag is even more comforting... (this piece above is about SIN$490!!). The paintballs are smaller and fits a smaller box, which means mobility.

The design of the loader looks revolutionary but I have make worries about the material that goes into making one of these... It "feels" plastic unlike the usual gravity loader. Looks fragile and ready to break if not handled carefully.

As most stocked markers, you will need to get upgrades to make the marker looked more like the "real" thing. Similar to Tippmann A5s, X7s, the GI Milsims allow for such upgrades. Just look at how a "butt" can change the whole look and feel of the marker.

A magazine feed for bottom load or top load through the plastic loader.

There have been talks about a smaller caliber with a smaller splatzone... hmmm... looks normal to me. The fills are thicker than usual and the paintball breaks amazingly.

We did the drop test and it breaks upon impact... I am very impress.

*Thanks to Napshot for allowing us to abuse your marker! If you want to get one of know where to get one.

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