Monday, February 22, 2010

Lester Wing RED SEVENS

The Red Sevens would like to welcome Lester Wing who will be joining the team for all competitions in 2010.

Lester Wing first joined competitive paintball in SPNS Leg 3 where he was guesting for Team Evil Avengers. Due to work commitment, Lester was unable to continue training and playing more paintball after the SPNS. With his knowledge of the game, Lester will be joining the Red Sevens for the season and plying his trade in the PALS, MPOC, My-NPL and the SPC in 2010. Lester's inclusion is a boost to the existing line of front players in the Red Sevens consisting of Arthur Chang (Taiwan), Yuan (Taiwan), Gerald, Ivan, Kiko (Philippines), Zach (USA) and Azlan (Malaysia).

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