Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SEED signs Red Sevens from Singapore

Just about a week ago, the Red Sevens announced their sponsorship with Furious Paintball and this week, they welcomed SEED as their next equipment sponsor. SEED will be sponsoring the team with their highly reliable SEED RtR rotor chip. This chip adds reliability and performance to the existing Dye Rotor. With an upgraded chip which uses the Wii technology, there will never be any more ball break or jammed loaders!

"I have not changed my rotor batteries since 4 tournaments ago... and it is still going strong!" exclaimed King who plays in the back position for the Red Sevens.

"Seed Paintball is proud to announce signing an sponsorship agreement with team Red Sevens from Singapore. With paintball growing in popularity in Asia, it is important for Seed Paintball to identify market support and expansion into the Asia Pacific region. One of the top paintball teams in Singapore, the Red Sevens is an emerging paintball team in Asia. With the sponsorship of SEED RtR upgrade kit, Red Sevens will be a strong team for SEED in the Asia region as the team will be participating in the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) and travelling to countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia." From

Red Sevens is the SEED's first sponsored team in Asia and they are sure there will be more teams coming aboard to witness this great product. SEED also sponsor professional paintball teams such as Joy Division from Sweden and the New England Hurricanes from US.

Please email if you would like to purchase a chip!

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