Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stepping down from Paintball Association (Singapore)

As a founding member of the Paintball Association (Singapore) since June 2007, I have witnessed the best and the worst during the course of promoting and developing paintball in Singapore. There were many many "first" during my tenure with the association. With PBAS, we were able to convince SPF into allowing competitive paintball to take place in Singapore. We derived a Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) and Basic Marshal Orientation (BMO) syallabus with the aim of introducing paintball safety for players.

The first BTO session was conducted in Red Dynasty, it was the first step for PBAS towards promoting competitive paintball in Singapore and I remember telling everyone who attended the session "You guys are making history for Singapore paintball..." Though not many from the session are still playing paintball... but history was made. Paintball in Singapore would not be what is it today without these few individuals and I would like to thank them for their contribution:

Jane Koh (President) - As a female president in a male dominant sport, Jane has been instrumental in getting support from the Singapore Sports Council and creating awareness for the sport. Her continuous effort in promoting the sport is indeed significant with her sports development background.

Benedict Chen (Secretary) - The driving force behind the formulation of the BTO and BMO, Benedict sacrificed his time developing course details and conducting BTO sessions for paintball enthusiasts. His effort was commendable when he took on the role to become the first paintball Head Referee in Singapore to officiate in the first SPNS.

Arthur Chan (Member) - The individual that everyone loves to hate. Arthur is always using his creativity in designing paintball publicity materials. His love for paintball is evident for he is always in the field "shouting" at newbies, refereeing games, helping with tech, commentating games and writing about paintball.

Ian Tang (PBAS media) - Though not a member of the PBAS, Ian is a special friend to the PBAS, he is always ready to lend a helping hand to the association. Ian still holds the triumph for being the first to arrange for airtime on Channel News Asia. He is still the first to get paintball onto newspaper. He is always upholding Singapore paintball through his media contacts.

It is not always easy to start a transformation, it is even harder for a non-mainstream sport like paintball. There have been many ups and downs but they have always been the best challenges. It is definitely not the easiest task as office bearers and I have enjoyed every minute of it, I would also like to thank those who have supported me all the way, your views and suggestions are indeed very important for this sport to grow. Lastly, I wish the association all the best and may Singapore paintball be more vibrant in years to come!

Trust me, you will not see the last of KING!

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