Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Noob Wars - 1 August 2010

Red Dynasty Paintball Park will be organizing the NOOB WARS, a rookie challenge for all paintball beginners to taste the game of paintball in a competitive format. As the name implies, it is a competition organized for newbies or noobies... however way we call it, it is a tournament for people who are exploring paintball as a regular sport. Form a team of 6 players (4 players and 2 reserves) and sign up for the NOOB WARS! Oh... and watch out for the Noob killer...

Venue: Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Field 3
Date: 1 August 2010
Time: 8.00 am - 4.00 pm
Cost of registration: $450 per team of 6 players

This tournament will be conducted in a "hopperball" format where 100 paintballs will be allocated to each player per game. Prizes and medals will be given away as part of the nooby deal. For more information about Noob Wars, please login to www.weplaypaintball.com/forum and search under the thread "Paintball Events and Tourneys"

PS. This tournament is ONLY for players without competitive paintball experiences... yeah, a fair game basically...

The above event poster is designed by Zai and Rina

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