Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sneaky indeed! EXKAY ONG from XFOX in Singapore!

Red Dynasty Paintball Park and the Red Sevens (Singapore) invited Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) Division 1 XFox snake player, Exkay Ong to Singapore to conduct a "Sneaky Snakey Paintball Clinic" and the turnout was good...17 budding snake players... well... not all turned up to learn a trick or two from one of the best snake players in Malaysia. More photos will be uploaded later... well, even I learnt something about being a snake. It was surely an eye opener for most who attended his clinic. But hey, for those who missed out his clinic, here's a post interview to find out more about this "sneaky" player.

1) What made you decide to come to Singapore to do a clinic at Red
Dynasty Paintball Park?
I've started off paintball with the seniors sharing what they know
with me, hence I believe in giving back something to the sport we love and decided to share my experience with Singaporeans after much discussion with Ben over the years as I think new talents could use a lil' help and assistance. Also it was a great experience and privileges for me to be able to conduct a clinic in somewhere other than my own country not to mention that I get to make new friends at the same time !

2) How do you find the standards of Singapore paintball?
I think it is doing pretty well seeing that it's been only a few years
since speedball was introduced into Singapore. Given the correct
guidance, support and infrastructure, it would be exciting to see how fast it could catch up with neighboring countries in the South East Asia where paintball is more established.

3) Do you think Singapore paintball development will one day be on par with Malaysia?
Without any doubt, definitely.

4) What do you think of the gun laws that we have?
While it is a hindrance to the growth of the sport for the time being,
it is also something that could get paintballers united to work
together and get the Government to look into the Firearms Law issue.

5) Give us 3 words to become a good paintballer. 3 words...
Practice, Practice & Practice.

6) Name one of the toughest game that you have ever played in... and tell us why?
I think every game is equally as tough as everyone tends to try their
best during tournaments and it is always a good fight. If I would
really have to name one, it would be the times in 2008 where I was
still with Xmenz and have to go against Xfox. Having to go against
those who teaches you how to play paintball does mess with your head a bit, giving you extra pressure on the shoulders. I still remember how dreaded i feel every time we have to go against them back then.

7) What is your favourite paintball drill?
Snap shooting. It's the most fundamental skill in speedball.

8) Will you come back again? and what do you hope to see in your next trip.
Of course I will come back again ! I would love to see more players
turn up ( if there is ever a 2nd Clinic ), less heat ( Singapore is
really HOT ) and maybe a Division 1 team ?

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