Sunday, January 23, 2011

Come on you gunners!

Like radio DJ Glenn Ong always say: "Come on you gunners!" (in show of support to his favourite soccer team). The same phrase can be used to describe Singapore paintballers. Sick and tired of the common excuses such as no time, family day, no leave, work, no money... it is time Singapore paintball teams step up to the next level. Supposedly a record showing of 6 Singapore teams participating in MPOC Leg 1 turns out to feature only 3 local teams. 3 other teams which indicated interest to attend MPOC Leg 1 fail to make the trip. Where are the Singapore teams???

It is funny because we do have teams in Singapore... the last Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) which was held in October 2010 had the participation of 29 local teams. Let's be fair and minus away the teams from corporate and tertiary divisions and we have 19 teams remaining... so where are you guys???

The most difficult part about forming a paintball team is not getting together and thinking of a team name but instead staying together. I cannot emphasize enough about getting the team to stay together and participating in every paintball tournament out there... Commit the team to play in a regular tournament series and go out there and compete. Choose this carefully as this determine the team's budget and commitment to train before competition. Play in competitions and get the most experience out of competing, experiences that you can never get from a regular training session.

Forming a team is as close to training a regular guy into a fighter pilot. It will be a waste not to clock flying hours after going through hours and hours of flight simulation. Likewise, for a team to train and not compete at all can be the worst that can come off this competitive sport. With the formation of a new interim committee for the Paintball Association (Singapore) PBAS, we are hoping that things will change for the better as they look into developing the local community for the local scene. We can only wait... and time is of the essence. Come on you gunners!

Teams participating in MPOC Leg 2 can email to and we will list your team name in the paintball forum.

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