Sunday, January 23, 2011

Red Sevens makes an impact in MPOC 2011!

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Participating in their 4th season of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit, Red Sevens got off to an impressive start with 2 podium finishes in Division 2 and Division 3 respectively. Held in Universiti Putrjaya Malaya (UPM), a total of 80 teams participated in the oldest paintball league in Malaysia making it the highest attended MPOC since it was established in 2004. 3 air-bunker fields were set up for the first time adding a professional look to the event. 3 teams from Singapore participated in the MPOC: Red Sevens (Division 2), Red Sevens II (Division 3) and The Outlaws (Division 4). Playing in their first MPOC event, Red Sevens II made it to the Finals of Division 3 against Grammaton Clerics and won their first medal for the Red Sevens family. The Division 2 team claimed another podium finish as 2nd Runners Up in the Division 2. With a new lineup for 2011, the team is hoping to duplicate wins for the rest of 2011. The Outlaws also made an impressive start to Division 4 and played well to qualify for the top 16 position. With their recent paintball bouts at Red Dynasty Paintball Park, we will surely see this team at the top of the league before the end of the season.

MPOC Leg 2 is rumoured to be held in Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca on 5 March 2011. This venue is considered by many to be one of the best location to play paintball in Malaysia so Singapore teams looking out to dust dirt off your shoulders... it is now or never!

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