Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red Sevens (Singapore) clinched MPOC Leg 3 Division 2 - 1st Runner Up

Jose and his Empire gloves...

A total of 11 players from the Red Sevens travelled to Kedah, Malaysia on 7 - 8 May 2011 to participate in the Kedah Sultan Cup 2011. Forming a team each in Division 2 and Division 3, the Singapore team was joined by another local paintball team, Team Ragdoll which partake in the Division 4 category. The grilling heat of Kedah took the stress out of everyone participating in this leg of the MPOC, at one time the temperature was reported to be 38 Degree Celsius, good enough to turn any paintballer into a marshmallow. Division 2 tournament saw the participation of 11 teams and the "triangle" love affair which I used to describe the intensity of the Division 2 games surfaced again. The "triangle" love affair refers to the closely fought games between teams where everyone took a point out of their opponent and ended up on a level fighting ground after numerous rounds of evenly fought matches.

Zach and Ivan (right)

This leg of the tournament saw the inclusion of 2 former Reds, Zach and Ivan who both returned from US and Canada respectively to spend their summer holidays in Singapore. Indeed there was much needed speed and aggression that was added to the forwards. In the end, it was Killer Bees who took the Champion spot in the Division 2. Red Sevens Divison 2 team managed to secure the 1st Runner Up position and managed to add some points into their bag thus opening the race for the Overall Series Champion.

Red Sevens during Prize Presentation

In Division 3, Red Sevens II had to bow out to an early exit in the Quarter Finals after some technical errors which could be avoided. The team had a slow start losing a couple of early games but came back with a 6 games winning streak to qualify for Day 2. Jose Cerda a former player from the Outlaws was included into the team as a guest player and stood his ground to give the added power at the back and filling the front in his usual snake position. Ragdolls did well in Division 4 and gathered game experiences into every round of the tournament. They were joined by Ikanman, our old friend from Downunder and Dave Choy aka Pagan, the half Singaporean Hawaiian.

Photos from www.residentevilchef.com

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