Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zachary Hagy joins coaching team of Singapore Paintball Series

Zach giving his maiden speech in Singapore Polytechnic

Zachary Hagy commonly known as "Muffin" to the local paintball scene joins the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) as a coaching staff. Zachary who is from Florida, USA started playing competitive paintball since 2007 and has participated in National events such as the NPPL and the PSP. Zach represented University of Missouri and St Louis HuSTle Division 2 team before the team was promoted to Division 1 in PSP 2011. Zach plays in the snake position and was part of the Red Sevens (Singapore) when he was studying in the Singapore American School (SAS) a few years ago. During his tenure with the SPS, Zachary will oversee the coaching of Singapore Polytechnic paintball team and to assist the SPS to develop paintball at school level. Zachary will also be involved in the planning of a coaching syllabus for beginners.

Zach in the PSP

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