Monday, August 6, 2012

Inaugural SPS Dialogue Session

22 May 2012 (Singapore) – Organized by the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS), the inaugural SPS Dialogue session saw a total of 26 participants from the paintball fraternity. This dialogue session which was organized as a “by invitation only” event has team representatives coming together to put in place a developmental path for Singapore paintball. Views were shared and topics were debated upon with the primary aim of getting Singapore paintball to be recognized by the local authorizing agencies so as to allow more Singaporeans to be involved with paintball sport in Singapore. “The idea behind this dialogue session is to get everyone together to talk about burning issues that are faced by Singapore paintball teams. Teams that are registered with the SPS are invited to share their comments and suggestions to further improve the current state of paintball sport in Singapore.” said Ben Seow, SPS Tournament Promoter.

This inaugural SPS Dialogue session was attended by representatives from Blitzkrieg, The Outlaws, Ballistics, ZOO, Heartbreakers, Buona Vista YEC, SP Paintball, Contract Killers, ReaPers, Alpha Avengers, Red Sevens and SPS Referees!

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