Monday, August 6, 2012

Playing in the PSP!

Ben Seow and Jane Koh will be travelling to the PSP for MAO (Mid Atlantic Open). Having played with Team Tyranny in Division 2 of last year's PSP World Cup, Ben and Jane will be extending their game experience with Team Headhunters in the Division 3. While at the PSP, they will take chance to meet up with Red Sevens teammate, Zachary Hagy who is now part of the Palm Beach Vipers in Division 2. They will also meet up with Ryan Stoll an ex-team mate who played a part in the formation of the Red Sevens. Ben and Jane became the first 2 Singaporeans to have played in the PSP in 2011.

Ben is currently planning to form a team for the PSP World Cup 2012 in October. If you are interested to be part of this team, please drop him an email at Estimated budget will be USD5K for a week of travel to experience the PSP!

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